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Arambhashura = ‘Hero In The Beginning’

By October 10, 2018May 31st, 2022No Comments2 min read

It’s a lot easier to rock things at the beginning rather than in the middle or the end! Boredom, self doubt, and challenges set in after the enthusiasm and newness has worn off. We all get that rush at the beginning of DISCOVERY… a new book, course, plan. What’s wrong with this? NOTHING, you are searching, growing and learning! Enjoy the moment. BUT, progress is done in the INNER and never the outer. Improvement is quick in the beginning but WILL level off, and this is where the REAL work begins.

We need to work the muscles (and they are muscles) of Grit, Discipline, and Perseverance to achieve anything worth fighting for. Remember, when you see someone that it looks easy for someone else it is an illusion… every nuance is EARNED, clawed and fought for every step of the way.

When our endeavour is at it’s most challenging and we want to quit, this most is EXACTLY the time to KEEP GOING! Our brains are hardwired for the dopamine rush of a quick fix, and it’s hard for us to see the MACRO instead of the MICRO, to detach and see the longterm game. Yes, it MAY take you 5 years, but 5 years will pass whether you like it or not, or whether you start now or later. Instead of the lottery ticket, wealth is built with small consistent deposits at a time, and the payoff comes a lot later.

During this process, you will ask: Why am I doing this? Can I do this? Is this worth it? This means you are on THE PATH. So don’t quit, and be the hero that stays the course when it’s not fun. Boredom, frustration, and doubt are your friends on this journey; this is from the mundanity of consistent actions done over and over and over and over again, and is where true mastery lives.


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