HOW TO PRACTICE: The 3 Minute Rule

The 3 Minute Rule: The Power Of Consistency And Habit SEE THE VIDEO LESSON HERE! ‘Don’t break the chain. Your only job is to not to break the chain!’ These are not the words of a drummer, but of comedian Jerry Seinfeld. Asked, how he works on his craft, he responded he writes at least Read more about HOW TO PRACTICE: The 3 Minute Rule[…]

Drumming For Kids: ‘The 5 Standards’

Drumming For Kids: The 5 Standards SEE THE VIDEO HERE: The concept of LTR (Life Through Rhythm) is to work on who we are as people both behind the kit and in everyday life. The rhythm of good habits done repeatedly over time creates huge results! With this approach, let’s think of the drum room Read more about Drumming For Kids: ‘The 5 Standards’[…]

The 4 Offenses Of Drummers

The 4 Offenses Of Drummers   My friend and mentor Mark Kelso has a new DVD (check it out!) called ‘Musician First, Drummer Second’, and this says it all to me. As proud as I am to play this amazing instrument and be a part of this very passionate world wide ‘tribe’, I believe thinking Read more about The 4 Offenses Of Drummers[…]

NEW VIDEO: modus factor LIVE, Sonor Drumfest

‘Photek’ by modus factor. With a rhythmic and foreboding intro, this song can go anywhere, it’s different every time! modus factor is: Brownman: Trumpet Ian DeSouza: Bass Chris Lesso: Drums