With Chris Lesso’s LTR DRUMMING METHOD, you don’t even need a drum kit to start!

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With Chris Lesso’s LTR DRUMMING METHOD, you don’t even need a drum kit to start!

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Do you struggle with:
  • PROCRASTINATING living your dreams to meet your TRUE POTENTIAL?
  • Being constantly DISTRACTED through ENDLESS OBLIGATIONS?
  • Fighting through ANXIETY to be all you COULD be?
With LTR CONNECT, you will:
  • Conquer REGRET
  • Dissolve ANXIETY



Is your life lacking passion, energy, and fun?

Don’t live with the REGRET of never knowing all you could become. FOCUS, CONFIDENCE, and SELF EXPRESSION is the new economy in our world today. What would it cost you to NOT take action?

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Imagine getting rid of unwanted stress through the challenges and fun that drumming brings.

Don’t face the regret of meeting your future self, and not seeing the potential within you come alive. Imagine the roar of the audience as you rock out onstage living your best self through drumming!

Whether you’re a beginner just picking up the sticks, a seasoned player that wants to take your game to the next level, or a parent that wants to give the gift of drumming, LTR CONNECT will empower you on the path of drumming.

Your first free session will change your life as you TRANSFORM through DRUMMING



  • Learn at your own pace with the LTR DRUMMING METHOD e-book and online courses
  • Drum in interactive and exciting LIVE sessions and workshops with Chris and special guests
  • Follow a step by step drumming guide designed just for YOU by Chris

Chris Lesso's


Life Through Rhythm takes everything that fails about an expensive, traditional music education and rejects it.

Instead, you join a thriving program that gives you freedom, where you can learn at your own pace.

A library of resources and videos
Personalized practice plans
Live online training
A thriving community of drummers!


“LTR CONNECT will empower you to drum with an inner fire and passion, as you tap in to having FUN with Chris Lesso's LTR drumming community!”

Dom FamularoDrumming's Global Ambassador

“LTR DRUMMING gives me a safe place to be creative when I feel stressed, and lets me focus when I'm overwhelmed. The LTR CONNECT community cheers me on every time I rock out!”

Ben WeinsteinLTR DRUMMING student

“LTR DRUMMING gives me confidence I didn't know I had, and a way to blow off stress and anxiety. The LTR CONNECT community pushes me to be my best, and fills me with energy!”

Joanne BrecklesLTR DRUMMING student

Frequently Asked Questions

I don’t have enough time.

The LTR METHOD is based on the concept of 1% wins stacked over time.

Through the power of compounding small actions every day, your best self will be unleashed through the drums to unlock your true potential. You’d be amazed at what you are capable of with a fun daily practice system to take advantage of! The best time to start building your dreams is today.

I can’t afford it.

You can’t afford NOT to! Investing in what feeds your soul and brings you joy while lowering anxiety and depression is a necessity, not a luxury.

The challenge and fun of drumming brings fulfilment and peace of mind, and our health and wellness in these uncertain times is essential. LTR is all about who we become on this journey, not just about the drums themselves.

Are online lessons just as effective as in-person ones?

LTR CONNECT merges the ‘energy in the room’ of live interactive lessons with the convenience and ease of the online experience, bringing together the best of both worlds.

Drumming is really hard, and everyone else is so much better than me. I think it’s too late for me to start.

It’s NEVER too late to begin the journey! Who will you grow into through this process? This is your journey.

Our LTR mantra is ‘Don’t compete, create’, empowering you to play each note and live each day as if it is your last. Your inner strength and individuality is the fuel. What you have to say on the drums and life is special and unique!

This means you’ll never know the regret of thinking ‘what if I’d only tried …’

Too many people aren’t living out their passions. They are filled with the distraction of never-ending obligations.

Drumming adds focus to concentrate on what brings joy into our lives, confidence through playing to the heartbeat of your favourite music, our own creativity, and self-expression to say who YOU truly are, loud and proud!

You want to become your best self through drumming, and take that feeling into everything you do. In order to get there, you need to know how to delete the noise by having a trusted method to run daily, and a strong collective to learn from.


Is your INNER DRUMMER ready to be UNLEASHED?

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How would it feel to have more energy and joy in your life? Imagine getting rid of unwanted stress through the fun of drumming. Why put your dreams on hold and stay with the crowd?

Find your ‘Life Through Rhythm’ TODAY to unleash your best self through drumming!

Chris Lesso



TRANSFORM Through Drumming TODAY

(You don’t even need a drumset to start!)

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