Start Drumming


With Chris Lesso’s online LTR DRUMMING METHOD, you don’t even need a drum kit to start playing your favourite songs right away!

Start Drumming


With Chris Lesso’s LTR online drum method, you don’t even need a drum kit to start playing your favourite songs right away!

Read our 5-star reviews from students who’ve unleashed their best selves through drumming!

Start Drumming

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LTR takes everything that fails about an expensive, traditional music education and rejects it.

Instead, you join a thriving program that gives you freedom, where you can learn at your own pace.

Simply choose the plan that works for you, and start drumming today!

A library of resources and videos
Personalized practice plans
Live online workshops every week
A thriving community of drummers!

Let’s begin

Imagine getting rid of unwanted stress through the challenges and fun that drumming brings.

Don’t face the regret of meeting your future self, and not seeing the potential within you come alive. Imagine the roar of the audience as you rock out onstage living your best self through drumming!

Whether you’re a beginner just picking up the sticks, a seasoned player that wants to take your game to the next level, or a parent that wants to give the gift of drumming, LTR CONNECT will empower you on the path of drumming. Pick the program that works best for YOU, and let’s begin!

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Drumming is fun

but there are challenges

  • How do you develop YOUR unique voice on the drums?
  • How do you cut through the ‘information overload’ to know exactly what to practice when you sit down to play?
  • How do you tap into the power of the right community that doesn’t make drumming a competition, but uplifts you on the path through the challenges ahead?

That’s why I created


…to bring the joy of drumming into your life.
How would it feel to have more energy and wellbeing in your life?
  • Learn to speak your voice on the drums, loud and proud
  • Learn at your own pace from unbeatable resources of books, videos, and workshops
  • Tap into the power of community to learn faster!

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Traditional lessons range from $300 to $600 a month.

But through LTR DRUMMING you pay less and learn MORE!

LTR Front Row

Enrolment is open now!

 Access a 24/7 LIBRARY OF DRUMMING CONTENT of videos and workbooks (*New lessons added regularly)

 Learn at your own pace with the LTR DRUMMING METHOD e-book and online courses

 Stay connected and inspired by joining the private community page LTR DRUMMING WORLDWIDE

Let's drum

LTR Backstage

Includes everything from FRONT ROW

 Drum in LIVE GROUP SESSIONS with Chris and special guests

 Exclusive live lessons, workshops, and Q&As with special guests like Dom Famularo, Claus Hessler, and more

 Go through the LTR DRUMMING METHOD live with Chris to speak your voice on the drums loud and proud!

Enrolment starts soon,
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Includes everything from FRONT ROW and BACKSTAGE

Personal attention, feedback, and accountability with Chris to keep you on track
Receive a PERSONALIZED DAILY PRACTICE PLAN tailored for YOUR drumming goals
Follow a step by step drumming guide designed just for YOU by Chris

Enrolment starts soon,
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“LTR CONNECT will empower you to drum with an inner fire and passion, as you tap in to having FUN with Chris Lesso's LTR drumming community!”

Dom Famularo

“I have been a student of Chris for nearly 6 years and love it. He knows how to improve every part of your drumming. I completely recommend joining LTR CONNECT.”

Ben Weinstein

“Over the past 7 years, my growth as a drummer has been exponential. The LTR CONNECT community pushes me to be my best, and fills me with energy!”

Joanne Breckles

Too many people aren’t living out their passions. They are filled with the distraction of never-ending obligations.

Drumming adds focus to concentrate on what brings joy into our lives, confidence through playing to the heartbeat of your favorite music, our own creativity, and self-expression to say who YOU truly are, loud and proud!

You want to become your best self through drumming, and take that feeling into everything you do. In order to get there, you need to know how to delete the noise by having a trusted method to run daily, and a strong collective to learn from.

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Is your INNER DRUMMER ready to be UNLEASHED?

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How would it feel to have more energy and joy in your life? Imagine getting rid of unwanted stress through the fun of drumming. Why put your dreams on hold and stay with the crowd?
Let’s start TODAY to unleash your best self through drumming!

Chris Lesso 


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