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1. Technique
2. Theory
3. History
4. Musicality
5. Creativity

Definition: Mechanical skill in an art and/or manner of artistic movement

This is the “how to” of a skill. In drumming, this opens doors to new avenues of expression! The goal is always to play what you feel, and good technique allows your ideas to flow much more easily. Good technique also eliminates tension in your playing. Tension stunts creativity! The goal of technique is always to improve and expand on these areas: Speed, Control, Power and Endurance.

Some techniques we will work on to improve these areas will be: rudiments, the Freestroke, the Moeller Stroke, Finger Control, Pull-Outs and Control Strokes, etc. Good technique gives you a strong foundation from which to play your ideas freely to the best of your ability!

Definition: A system of ideas explaining something.

If you were going to live in Germany, wouldn’t it make sense to become fluent in German? Wouldn’t this be a great advantage? Well, this idea applies to music as well. Theory is the language of music. In the definition, the “system of ideas” is the notation that musicians use to communicate ideas. The “something” is Music.

Musicians in this day and age are coming together from different cultures all around the world, more than any time. It is an exciting time to be a musician. The better you can communicate your ideas, the better you can express yourself! Throughout the levels, we will explore reading and writing notation, sight-reading, reading dynamics, melodic notation, and transcribing music.

Definition: The study of past events.

Two famous quotes you may have heard are “you must first understand where you are from, to understand where you are going” or “to create the future, you must first understand the past.” Sound familiar? History is a great teacher.The drumset is a relatively young instrument, but it has a rich history of many great players, and
incredible music.

Through the levels, we will study the pioneers of the craft, the ones who pushed the limits past what was accepted at the time. We will explore the playing of the masters, and the groundbreaking innovations they made. This will give you a clearer picture of why drumming is the way it is today, as well as inspire you to build upon their ideas and break new ground yourself by ‘Standing On The Shoulders Of Giants.’

Definition: Thinking musically; to have a musical outlook/the ability to apply patterns and ideas in a musical way.

This is a broader area, but vitally important. This area includes anything that contributes to your musical paradigm, or that adds to your vocabulary of what you can say musically. This includes covering different musical styles and instruments from around the world, and playing what you have learned in a musical setting.

We will explore tools such as dynamics, phrasing, song form, and learning to sing the different drums. You will also be playing with other musicians. It all comes down to listening.

Definition: To be inventive and imaginative. To have the ability to create.

Music is creativity. It is important to approach music with a creative attitude. This means: learning how to express your ideas!

The most creative people are very inspired. When you hear music that really inspires you, it lights the fire of creativity. Throughout the levels, we will spend time listening to all kinds of incredible music. We will also work on creating different grooves, improvising, and even taking on some projects;
Anything creative!