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Balancing Family, Drumming, and Pursuing Your Passions

By May 31st, 2022No Comments3 min read

‘Time is not on your side, but your choices are.’

How do you balance family, work, and pursuing your passions? YOU CAN’T. All you have is time and focus. There are so many ‘spinning plates’ we all have moving simultaneously in our lives, and the only thing that keeps them all going is our CHOICES of what to focus the only resource we have on: TIME. To see anything grow, we must MEASURE it. This brings AWARENESS, allowing us to course correct back to THE PATH of our mighty mission.

There is no ultimate balance of health, relationships, children, career, and finances, only course corrections. While focusing on one area, another suffers. Constantly coming back to our ultimate guiding WHY, the overall mission that directs our choices, will keep all areas healthy and growing. An airplane flying 30,000 ft above the clouds APPEARS to be on course, but 95% of the time it’s actually not. It’s constantly being jostled up, down, and around by powerful air currents and turbulence. The pilot is not drastically forcing the plane, but only nudging the plane back on target through AWARENESS of position. We can’t control the forces of nature, but we can use them. The pilot is always bringing the craft back on course, using the instruments, and ultimate destination as true north. What ways do you use to guide yourself back to THE PATH? Constant and consistent MEASURING OF WHAT MATTERS is key, with weekly reviews and daily journaling. Our habits and actions define us over time, and these widen the light of awareness, illuminating our better choices. This keeps your ultimate WHY front and center in clear view so you can always guide yourself back. What doesn’t grow DIES, but our attention, awareness, and FOCUS is the light that gives life to anything you choose to shine it on.

A stunning number of fathers abandon the fight. This mission is challenging, but if it were easy, everyone would be doing it well. There are no easy answers, just small daily CHOICES that add up over time. Without family to give to, to guide to be the best version of themselves to experience and explore the world to leave it a better place, what is the point of following a passion? Drumming for me is telling a STORY, and family is woven into the life story that I tell every time I express my passion. I never want to get to the end of my life and meet the man I COULD have been. Striving to make the best choices to grow in all areas will always be a messy game. I will be blown off course, I will make mistakes, but my family will see a man that gives his best EFFORT to grow others, while also developing the best of who I am so I can best serve and progress on the path.

This is an interview I did with Larry Hagner from the Dad Edge Alliance where we go deeper into these challenges of striving to grow the areas of health, relationships, children, career, and finances at the same time, and how drumming and music can elevate WHO WE ARE as we go forward. I am proud to be a part of the Dad Edge Alliance mastermind, a group of men dedicated to walking this path, as we face the challenges and grow into the best version of ourselves. This is the ancient concept of SYNERGY, tapping into forces greater than ourselves to come together and go out into the world better for it. We BECOME who we spend time with, and these men challenge me to be the best I can for my family and the world. This way, we can guide our kids to do the same with their lives, becoming not only great fathers but teachers as well, creating a ripple effect that is never ending.

“A teacher affects eternity; he can never tell where his influence stops.” Henry Adams