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BREAK Your Winning Formula, with Stewart Copeland

By May 31st, 2022No Comments2 min read

‘Know the rules to break the rules.’ Question everything, stay curious! This to me in drumming and life is embodied in Stewart Copeland. His drumming and attitude was a bombshell which challenged me to be bold, break the rules, and be myself. I love his concept of ‘why do I have to always play a backbeat?’ He challenges the norm, and walks the path of true expression, authenticity, and individuality.

If you adopt this attitude to the next level as a LIFESTYLE, you will regularly REINVENT yourself by breaking your winning formula. Those around you may think you are crazy, but you are following your gut INSTINCT. Using the ‘break things’ protocol, you will consistently question, challenge, and alter your winning formula. Here are some action steps:

1) Take your influences from unconventional sources. Look where no one is looking, and go where no one is going!

2) Live on the edge, where you are uncomfortable. This means you are growing! Go into the blue ocean of the unknown. This is where growth happens, on the cutting edge!

This is where the success of your winning formula will actually HURT you, because you are staying where it is safe, where others have been.

Always stay hungry, stay uncomfortable, stay great!

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