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Drum Technique Masterclass to get into FLOW STATE | Chris Lesso

By May 31st, 2022No Comments1 min read


Technique is the HOW of what we do, the study of MOVEMENT. Flowing motions equals a flowing sound, so ‘how you move is how you groove’! This is not about getting as fast as we can or competing with other drummers, but about SELF EXPRESSION, and removing any barriers in the way of you sounding like your best self on your instrument.

Once we get out of our heads and into the movements, intuitively reacting to the PRESENT MOMENT, we use our instinct as a tool, which is much more powerful that having to critically think out every part of what we do. This opens the door to getting into flow states when we play the drums. Playing from THE ZONE is the most fun we can have when grooving on the drums and in life!


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