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Find your COURAGE through DRUMMING (with Dom Famularo)

By May 31st, 2022No Comments1 min read


In the volatile landscape of the today’s world, our biggest challenges are to do whatever it takes to avoid mediocrity, lack of focus, and dis-couragement. Recently I was honoured to be interviewed recently by Dom Famularo on behalf of Sabian Cymbals, and we got DEEP into tactics on how to avoid getting to the end of your life meeting the person you COULD have been, and instead find the COURAGE to live out a life of possibility through the magic of drumming. Dom has been my mentor for over 25 years! The qualities we strive to embody in the LTR METHOD like LTE (long term excellence), enthusiasm, and the humility to be a life long student, Dom lives every day. In this exciting interview you’ll find out how to battle proof yourself with unbeatable courage to discover your potential and become your best self through drumming!