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By May 31st, 2022No Comments1 min read

Vic Firth simply make the finest sticks in the world, and I have used them my entire drumming life. By just holding the sticks in my hands without even hitting anything, they already feel great!

Vic Firth himself has such an inspiring story of a huge success both as a musician with the Boston Symphony, and as a businessman starting the most successful stick company in the world. Vic embodies what the ancient Greeks called ‘Arête’: excellence in actions, outstanding character, and living up to one’s full potential.  It all started by Vic wanting to single-handedly raise the standard of the way drumsticks were made, so he started crafting the sticks himself to improve his own playing, and word started spreading how great these sticks were. This spirit of excellence comes from the sticks being influenced and crafted by the artists themselves, and continues to this day. They an innovative company with so many musical designs for sticks, and the Vic Firth website is an essential resource for drummers looking to optimize their game. Get them in your hands!


  • Chris Lesso LTR Model (85A Hickory)
  • Steve Smith Tala Wands
  • Heritage Brushes
  • Mallets


Teacher VF