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If you’re still 100% crossing, you’re stuck in the past. Open handed drumming simply means drumming without crossing our hands. Needlessly putting one hand over the other when we play is a relic, an old story that’s stunting your growth. 

Open handed drumming taps into the body language of inner power. With our arms at our sides with our chest out, our physiology moves to deep breathing and a calm strength. Our heart is now open to the world to dare greatly. To be vulnerable is the beginning of having the courage to reveal who we really are. This is the ‘martial arts of drumming’, where our left and right side zones become our ally. When I started, I didn’t go full open handed until after 17 years of crossing. I adapted 1% at a time to eventually go for it, but it didn’t happen in a day. Take small steps forward, and then go as ‘all in’ as you can. And you can! We are 10X stronger than we think we are. We underestimate what we can accomplish with the compounding of time, but tomorrow is already here. What’s at stake is your reinvention, and your future self won’t regret it.

OPEN HANDED DRUMMING empowers you by:


Armed with these qualities, you can conquer anything. With a stronger foundation you can make the creative choices that reflect you, and not blindly follow tradition just because ‘it’s always been done that way.’

Rejoice in you being YOU, having the audacity to rethink the instrument. That’s how it got to where it is today, propelled by those who dared greatly to disrupt. This attitude isn’t for those that want to stay in their comfort zone, because behind the safety of the known we can’t truly own the moment. I get excited by the edginess of not playing it safe. Playing open handed and ‘open hearted’ means you’re stepping into the arena to discover the uncommon greatness that lives in you.

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