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‘Get out of your head, and into the movement!’

Drumming is a fantastic a way to blow off the stress of the day, to forget the world and work out our darkest emotions through movement, creativity, and expression. It clears our head in a world of noise and distraction. So many of us have non stop inner chatter, and inner critic that never rests. This is because so often in our fast paced world, we must always be ON. But do you have a place to go to let that all melt away to show up as your best self in your marriage, for your kids, with your friends, and in your job? Drumming keeps us PRESENT because it demands all of us.

Take charge of your STATE, and you take control of your life. It really starts with our state first, and what better way to control that than drumming. There’s some kind of magic about when our sticks connect with the drums and how this changes our state. This it spills over into everything we do.

So much therapy and medication might work temporarily, but it’s joyless. Many look for relief in all the wrong places, but after the quick fix they feel even WORSE down the road.

Drumming is a daily meditation and a way to express and explore our creativity. It’s our safe place to go to let go the stress of the day. If you have a place to go where you can express your ideas and move, to TRANSFORM by living your inner confidence, when you leave the kit and step out into the world, it overflows into everything you do. You have that passion and energy back that you’ve been missing.

I’ve been doing this for decades, performing on stages all around the world, studying with a lot of the best educators and performers and teachers all around the world. What’s really inspired me about the LTR DRUMMING community is people come in where they don’t want to play on stage or form bands or quit their jobs to drum full time. And that’s just as valid as somebody that wants to be a pro and wants to make this their full-time job.

We can go PRO without being professionals. Going pro is an ATTITUDE where we show up every day to learn. Showing up every day to drum is a meditation and a therapy. Our loved ones know we need that hour to go downstairs, picks up the sticks and go for it, having that time to explore our passion.

If the love for drumming and music beats strong in your heart, you will ALWAYS feel better after you play than before you sat down. Drumming has ancient power that we can harness in our modern world. What are you waiting for? Pick up those sticks, get out of your head and into the movement!

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