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This song is about attitude and groove, everything drumming is about. The attitude to be unapologetically YOU, and the groove of creating MOVEMENT. In this track by my band modus factor, Ian DeSouza improvised a killer bass line, and Brownman layers trumpet lines with effects and tone. This song is about energy and vibe, taking the name King Ghidorah based on the three headed Japanese dragon monster character. The dragon also represents slaying the fear that resides within YOU and everyone, reminding us to face and slay our dragons of self doubt and resistance that we all must face daily.

Find your own GROOVE and ATTITUDE to become your best self through drumming!

King Ghidorah is from the album ‘The Picasso Zone’ by modus factor on Browntasauras records, available on all streaming platforms.

modus factor is:
BROWNMAN – Trumpet / Illegal Effects (Jay Z)
IAN DESOUZA – Bass / Kaos Beats (Sisters Euclid)
CHRIS LESSO – Drums / Beatz (Independent)