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Here, we dial in our daily drumming practice to run the routines that grow our best selves through drumming.

Discipline, energy management, and high performance habits get you to your drumming dreams faster.

This is the art of learning, stacking daily 1% wins that compound over time to reveal your greatness. It’s doing the work to release old roles that no longer serve you, and rewire new habits that rev up your engine to play and create.

Trying to drum without having these four steps down solid is to play on shaky ground. A house divided cannot stand. To step into our potential and do it in record time, we need a trusted SYSTEM to live the vision. When all four elements work in harmony, you learn 10X faster.

Next, we’ll look at rhythm from a completely different perspective, marrying the ancient history of drumming with cutting edge futurism.

Are you leaving the practice room angry and frustrated more times than sweaty and happy? If so, try the system that’s worked for hundreds of drummers around the world: