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Mike Mangini’s SYSTEMS and TACTICS

By May 31st, 2022No Comments2 min read
I am excited to share this with you! This is a conversation I had with Mike Mangini where he reveals his systems and tactics, pulled from the archives of 2002. In my years of being the eternal student of drumming and life, I’ve always strived to spend time with some of the best in the world and compress time by using the habits and strategies that work best for the greats into my own game, and now you can too. What makes this interview compelling, is that we have almost 20 years of hindsight to see how these systems and habits compound over time in Mike’s drumming and life. This is a powerful concept! I am 100% interested not just in the best for today, but in the LONG GAME. Not many can live SUSTAINED GREATNESS, and Mike Mangini exemplifies this. Some of Mike’s methods for developing his best self through drumming include:
  • Living the highest standards of EXCELLENCE.
  • Living with urgency and a mighty mission. This is THE WHY of what we do.
  • Studying outside disciplines BESIDES drumming, like business, time management, the human brain and body, and self discipline.
  • Giving the utmost attention to DETAILS. They matter!
  • Ultimate trust and belief in what sets you apart. Your personal DIFFERENTIATION.
  • OPEN HANDED drumming, using the ‘all limbs equal’ approach.
  • Living with NO LIMITS.
  • Surrounding yourself with MENTORS, and stealing from the best in the world.
  • Having FRONT SITE FOCUS in all we do.
Enjoy spending some time with Mike Mangini, and take the energy, artistry, and passion into your best self through drumming!