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Set Up Your Drumset Angles for EFFORTLESS MASTERY

By May 31st, 2022No Comments2 min read


The drums are an extension of your body. The groove starts in YOU. We want to have our drums as our ally to get to EFFORTLESS MASTERY. This is playing with RELAXED INTENSITY, because when you’re drumming you’re like a boxer: mentally razor sharp, ready for any challenge and flowing with the ever changing moment, while staying physically loose to let the muscles operate at 100% top efficiency. This is why getting in the zone to flow states is the best place to take our drumming, where we tap into the deepest parts of ourselves to bring forth in our rhythmic expression.

Does your setup HELP or HURT you in your flow? We always want to work with nature not against, and ‘use the force’! The drumset is a big instrument, and the angles you choose can take advantage of the best ergonomics of your body, and the physics of rebound. Experiment what works best for YOU, make gradual changes as you go, and make your drums an effortless natural extension of your body. We want to get BETTER as we get older, so getting rid of any tension in your setup will ensure you will be drumming and kicking ass when you are 110 years young!

This clip was taken from the masterclass ‘Drum Technique to FLOW STATES’, watch it HERE:


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