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‘Still I Rise’ | LTR voice and drums

By May 31st, 2022No Comments1 min read


To find our best selves through drumming, WHO WE ARE must come out through each note. LTR is ‘Life Through Rhythm’, where our words, actions, and character creates the art. We play who we are! The traits we can learn from outstanding people to shine through our drumming, is just as powerful as learning techniques and grooves. Using the stories of great people to inspire us combined with the impact of drumming, is a potent combination. The first of this series is from Maya Angelou’s spoken word ‘Still I Rise’. Let this uplift you as you become your best self through drumming!

Bass, trumpet, soundscapes, and arrangement by modus factor (Brownman, Ian De Souza, Chris Lesso), from the album The Picasso Zone. The poem Still I Rise spoken by Maya Angelou.