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Here’s the bombshell moment of clarity that created the LTR attitude to drumming:

Stop playing the drums. Play YOU. You are the instrument.

“I can tell whether a person can play just by the way he stands.” Miles Davis

It’s in the way you walk, talk, breathe, your thoughts. What’s in your body, mind, and heart that you’re striving to get out into the world?

Next is your mighty WHY. This is your goals, your vision, what’s driving you to be better. Your dream may be to have a daily jam in your basement, or rock lit stages around the world. This is YOUR journey, but can you see it clearly? In the LTR DRUMMING METHOD, we call this starting point your ETHOS. If you don’t believe in you, then who will?

Now you need to know how to get into FLOW: this is the flow of getting your energy out to effortlessly float around the kit. It’s also getting into THE ZONE when our inner critic takes a break and drumming becomes fun like it should be. If you’ve ever played when an hour passed in a minute, you’ve been in flow!

Now we dial in your daily PRACTICE to rewire habits that grow your best self through drumming, not when you get in your own way. Discipline, energy management, and high performance habits will get you to your drumming dreams faster.   Now we’re ready for RHYTHM, drawing from sources all around the world so you can express on the drums INSTANTLY whatever idea to can create.

These are the steps of the LTR DRUMMING METHOD, where we don’t just ‘play drums’ … that’s where mediocrity lives. When you express maximum CONFIDENCE on the drums to be all you can be, YOU are the instrument, and just like a dream catcher the drums takes your wave and magnifies it into the world.

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LTR (Life Through Rhythm) is an attitude and way of life using drumming as a force to unleash focus, confidence, and self expression in all you do.

Are you ready to rise to your 2.0 in drumming and life? Chris Lesso’s LTR DRUMMING METHOD is for drummers who want to reach higher. If you’re ready to unleash your best self through drumming, book your FREE vision session here at

Keep drumming with passion, and see you on the inside!