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The 5X Training Challenge for DRUMS & LIFE

By May 31st, 2022No Comments4 min read


“Sweat more in training and you’ll bleed less in war.” Spartan Warrior Creed


The 5X Training Challenge can be broken down into three essentials. Going back to the basics (FUNDAMENTALS), repeating them a sick amount of times (REPETITION), and preparing you for the battlefield of real life performance when it counts (REALISM).

“You train how you fight and you fight how you train.” Navy SEAL saying

You can’t just think your way to being a better drummer and human being. Living the art of possibility and potential takes continuous massive action. This is about having SYSTEMS NOT GOALS, and then living the never ending process of re-examining your systems, recalibrating them, measuring the results, and repeating. I like to set my ‘Big 5’ for the year (no more than 5 or it’s too many) and then set my systems in 12 week cycles, thinking of them as ‘mini years’ so I don’t over estimate what I can do in a years time. (My training program LTR METHOD and my upcoming book ‘The Rhythm Of Practice’ help drummers around the world calibrate and optimize their own systems for maximum success) 12 weeks is a good timeslot to see the RESULTS your systems are giving you, and then readjusting when needed. All that really matters is, are your systems giving you the OUTCOME of what you’re truly capable of? Are they allowing you to tap into the edges of your potential, or just coasting on the abilities you already have?


“If you only give 90% in training then you will only give 90% when it counts.” Michael Owen, celebrated soccer player

Having high ‘Pre-Set-Standards’ for yourself is a pre-commitment to excellence. ‘Pre-setting’ them means setting yourself up for the win BEFORE it happens. The reason why so many habits don’t stick is there is FRICTION. This is in the form of any resistance that gets in your way, and gives you an excuse to procrastinate, or just quit all together. Even the smallest obstacles can give you an ‘out’ from doing the small ACTIONS that stack up to a real life WIN.

“Hard training is the solemn duty of trainers and leaders every day.” Jocko Willink, former Navy SEAL

The PSS protocol is committing IN ADVANCE to your best self. An example of this is every Sunday morning when I plan out my week I know what I’m going to work on in my practice sessions, and this is entered in my practice journal. The plan is fluid and can change due to circumstances, but I’ve taken away any friction on thinking of WHAT to practice, so when the time comes I just sit down and ACT. The PSS protocol is one of many SYSTEMS that once installed as a habit, runs on it’s own fuel with no willpower.


“Why do you think I’m the best player in the game? Because I never get bored with the basics.” Kobe Bryant

When we watch our favourites we’re seeing the inspiring end result that we love, but what we don’t see that creates the magic is what happens in the practice room. Going into the ‘no fun zone’ day after month after year. Racking up the monotonous reps. Stacking up the lonely days in the woodshed. When I want to deconstruct how one of my favorites got to where they’re at, I don’t just want to see the final product, I want to watch them in the PROCESS. I love Jay Z’s music, but watching him work in the studio reveals how he elevated it to mastery. Show me how someone PRACTICES, and I can see how they will perform when it counts.

“We don’t rise to the level of our expectations, we fall to the level of our training.” Navy SEAL saying

Practice is the never ending journey of FACING YOURSELF, having the courage everyday to walk towards what you’re not good at YET. This is a daily battle with the everyday challenges thrown at you. Life gets in the way! Making it a MUST to get in the in the practice room every day isn’t easy, but if it were then everyone would be at mastery. The best in the world not only live this ethos, they run TOWARDS it to embrace it. This is what the 5X training challenge is all about, making your practice EQUAL OR HARDER than what real life is going to be, so you can live with true confidence when your moment to shine comes.

“Today I will do what others won’t so tomorrow I can accomplish what others can’t.” Jerry Rice, football legend

I’ll be going deep into the art of practicing in my upcoming book ‘The Rhythm Of Practice’. Join the LTR movement at for free sneak peaks and bonus content coming soon!

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