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The Drummer’s Best Friend In The Band: THE BASS PLAYER | with Ian DeSouza

By December 19th, 20232 Comments2 min read


There is something I call ‘The 4 Offenses Of Drummers’ (see the separate blog and video lesson on my website and Youtube) where drummers must be aware of the four greatest offenses they can do to at worst get fired, or at the very least highly annoy the other players in the band. This list came from talking to many musicians OTHER than drummers, and finding out what drummers do that get in the way of the most important big picture: THE MUSIC. They are Space, Time, Listening, and Dynamics. An essential way for drummers to test where they are at in these four areas is to spend time playing with your best friend in the band: the bass player. Bass and drum duo jams leave you nowhere to hide and will show you exactly where your drumming is currently at, and also happens to be one of the most FUN things you can do to practice! Leave the other musicians at home, and spend more time with the bass players in your life.

One of my favorite bassists in the world to play with is Ian DeSouza. His time feel and groove, razor sharp in the moment listening skills, spectrum of world rhythms and beats to draw from, authenticity and originality, and improvising skills are unmatched! Ian is a Juno award winning artist having played with Sisters Euclid and many many others, and is one of the best in the business. In this session I wanted to get and insider perspective of Ian’s approach to playing in a band and locking in with the drummer, and also what he appreciates most in his favorite drummers to make music with. Sometimes as drummers, we can learn MORE from other musicians that are not drummers! Ian’s insight and advice to drummers is invaluable, so enjoy dropping in on this conversation we had. Also, don’t miss Ian and I playing and creating together in our bass and drums improv duo (LDM), and in my band modus factor.


  • Max de Souza says:

    One of my favorite bass players who works with the drummer together being one and keeping the backbone of the band’s heartbeat. This is an article that all drummers should listen to and learn how the bass and drummer should be working together.
    ax De Souza

    • Chris Lesso says:

      Hi Max! Thanks for reaching out … I like to say about my band modus factor (that the bass player in the video Ian De Souza plays in) I often feel like the ‘worst in the band’ because those guys push and stretch me to a higher level then I even thought I was capable of. Ian is THAT good, and I wanted to share his perspective and inspire others with this. Keep on the path Max!