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The Martial Arts Of Drumming: ‘How You Move Is How You Groove!’

By May 31st, 2022No Comments1 min read


Music is more about the MOVEMENT and SPACE between the notes, rather than the notes themselves. In drumming, I call this ‘the martial arts of drumming’. How you move is how you groove!

When you play drums, even if you tried you can’t help but sound like YOU. This comes from how you glide through in the air between your notes. Your movement creates your sound! Think of the rhythms we hear as the final product, the tip of the iceberg, but the movement and space in between is the depths beneath that makes the outcome possible. Video yourself and get a mirror to analyze your movements to see what is serving you and what is getting in the way of your personal and unique expression.

TENSION is what will hinder you; relaxed intense motions will create relaxed intense sounds. In drumming the Moeller stroke really epitomizes this movement in an efficient and beautiful way, where our drumming becomes a dance. Many drummers just listen to their final sound, but by this time it is too late, as the movement has already happened. That’s where the magic is! Think of your own personal ‘martial arts’ of MOVEMENT and SPACE in your drumming and life!