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The Power of Drumming In Schools

By May 31st, 2022No Comments2 min read


With so many schools today facing budget cuts, many times the arts are the first to go. But there is a growing movement of schools that realize the impact and value this area has on our youth’s potential and possibility. Music is joy, expression, and creativity, and contains so many skills and lessons that can enrich our lives in every way.

When I was in school, I was a scrawny kid that didn’t fit in. I was too energetic to sit still, and spent time with the wrong crowd. Music gave me hope, focus, and self expression that made me feel special. Self esteem comes from confidence in our own uniqueness. Music gives everyone a voice, in all walks of life. This was what gave me the inspiration to be a self starter, to grow into my strength, and to learn how to help others on their journey.

Coming full circle, I am excited when I have the opportunity to bring inspiration, education, and motivation into the school arena. My LTR (life through rhythm) school events are for all ages and levels. This can be for the entire school, a group of students, or one on one, combining interaction, performance, and learning. I also enjoy working with the band directors and students individually, focusing on key challenges of the music ensemble such as reading and timing.

Invest in our next generation through the power of drumming to develop self expression, focus, and confidence! We all have heartbeats and live the power of rhythm no matter age, race, or appearance. Drumming is also FUN! Laughter and play has a profound affect on our health, energy levels, and mindset. Through my travels giving these events, I have seen the profound effect, whether it’s putting a smile on the face of a little girl undergoing chemotherapy, an autistic boy expressing himself in a new way, or seeing the synergy of a group of students learning to bond with those around them as equals. Keeping music and the arts alive and strong in schools grows self expression, focus, and confidence, and gives our youth the tools to thrive as they go forward in life.