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In the LTR DRUMMING METHOD, we say, ‘To learn one discipline you must go outside it.’

As you become your best self through drumming, what ‘non-drummers’ have inspired you behind the kit and in life?

Some of my biggest mentors for drumming that have never picked up a stick, would be Picasso, Einstein, Eddie Van Halen, Bruce Lee, Mozart, and many others. Steal anything you can, from any field.

We can also learn from elite athletes, taking their mindset and movements into our life through rhythm.

One for me is Danny Way, ultra superstar skateboarder who has pushed the limits of the craft, and human potential while he was at it. I’ve taken the mindset of a NEVER QUIT attitude, and an ‘effortless mastery’ approach to movement. This is where we float around the kit, working with nature, not against. Tension dissolves, where we work less to achieve more. This is power vs force, and one of the core components of FLOW in my program.