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‘The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago. The second best time is now.’ Chinese proverb

When are you too old to drum? NEVER! Drumming blesses us with vibrant health, elevated energy, joyful passion, and a confident creativity. Why would these be hoarded only to the young? As soon as you pick up the sticks at any age, you get these benefits and more.

It’s easy to get discouraged seeing all the amazing young drummers out there. But even the best in the world doubt themselves. There’s always someone faster, quicker, and smarter out there, but no one can be YOU. What we say in the LTR DRUMMING METHOD, is: ‘Don’t find yourself, CREATE yourself.’ Smash the rules of what you think you’re supposed to be, or what others expect of you. Master chef Anthony Bourdain didn’t even start Jiu Jitsu until he was almost 60, and fell in love with it, even achieving his black belt. What if he had convinced himself that he was only a senior citizen that doesn’t do such crazy things? We talk ourselves out of our dreams for fear of falling flat on our faces and looking ridiculous. But the pain of REGRET is far worse. When you explore the voice that speaks inside you, only two things can happen: you will grow, and you will learn. You may fail, but you’ll avoid living with the regret of never knowing. Regret is the ultimate pain.

‘How you move is how you groove!’

Since drumming is movement based like martial arts, so if you know how to move EFFORTLESSLY, you don’t get injuries and you can play for years to come and keep improving. But so many drummers (including me when I started) skip the first steps, jumping right to the drumming while ignoring the foundation. I get it, we all want to play! But knowing how to float around the drums with an effortless mastery, means you’ll actually get BETTER as you get older. Now you’re tapping into the fountain of youth, drumming until you’re 100 years young and beyond!

‘You don’t choose the drums, the drums choose you.’

If the voice of drumming lives in you, express it loud and proud! CONFIDENCE is what we build here, and we only invite it when we step out of our comfort zones and into our best selves through drumming that’s waiting to be born. Don’t wait another day to delay your dreams! One thing I’ve learned from all the elder ‘Yoda’ greats of drumming I’ve been blessed to learn from, is that they all tapped into the drumming fountain of youth by being childlike, and having FUN with a spirit of play and freedom!

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