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By May 31st, 2022No Comments2 min read


Ever since I started drumming I always wanted to play Sonor. I didn’t just start off playing a set like this, I had to go step by step: first drumming on boxes, to that first practice pad and snare, to my first junky intro set. This is the path, to learn those first grooves, to hear what inspires you, what your inner voice is. But after a long wait, it was time to get my first serious set. Sonor rose above the rest for me for three reasons: DESIGN, DETAILS, and MUSICALITY.

The artistry of the design is expressed in how you FEEL when you sit behind your drums. Every time I sit down behind my kit I want to PLAY, to create, to make some noise and shake the world. Sonor drums are rich with details. They don’t seem to amount to much on their own, but put together they MATTER. Just like a great drummer, the little things add up to greatness. The best in the world sweat the small stuff, give laser like focus to the finer details. And as soon as you hit these drums, they are seriously musical. The tone and attack of my kit always brings the best out of the band, because playing MUSIC is always the goal of playing my drums.

Thank you Sonor!