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You Are The Instrument: ‘How You Move Is How You Groove’

By May 31st, 2022No Comments2 min read


Here’s the big secret: you don’t need any gear! The instrument is not as important as the player. Your sound is in YOU. That’s why I’m so big on the study of MOVEMENT, because in the end I only care about one thing: UNLOCKING YOUR SOUND. This starts in the soul, manifests through the mind, and is expressed through the body. Your instrument, your TOOL is just there to ‘catch’ whatever you throw out at it. Or look at it as a mirror… it will just reflect back at you whatever is put in front of it.

There are many examples out there of some of the greats drumming on the most junky drumsets, and yet they still sound like THEM. This is truly empowering, meaning you will always know and carry yourself knowing that you don’t NEED your gear, it’s only there to enhance what you already have. You always carry your sound within you, which is being sharpened and refined daily as you live out each moment, growing without you even realizing it. This means you could walk into a forest, pick up some branches and just start playing on a log or rock, and there it is … your own personal sound come to life.

You are a sound crafter, and the sound is always within YOU. This is living LTR (life through rhythm), knowing every step you take, thought you think, word you speak, and movement you dance adds up to what you EXPRESS out in the world. How you move is how you groove!

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