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How do we balance the different high stress roles that life demands of us? Like a pinball machine, we bounce back and forth from our professional and personal lives, and it can all become too much. How to be cope with it all? Often we’re left not feeling enough, frustrated and defeated.

Nowhere is this more evident than in the world of high stress jobs like Military, Police Officers, Medical Personal, and First Responders. There are too many tragic stories of escaping into heavy medication, overeating, and addiction to cope. But there are better ways to relieve the stress that life throws at us, and the power of drumming along with a thriving community is one way that’s transforming lives around the world.

Dom is a Sergeant Major in the Canadian Military, and Jono is a high ranking Police Officer. Let’s listen to their inspiring stories of how they use drumming as a weapon to combat PSTD and overcome the massive stress that comes with their life roles of being the heroes in the community we depend on. We’ll hear how drumming has empowered them to find new levels of confidence, and become their best selves in all they do.

‘Get out of your head, and into the movement!’

If the love for drumming and music beats strong in your heart, you will ALWAYS feel better after you play than before you sat down. Drumming has ancient power that we can harness in our modern world. What are you waiting for? Pick up those sticks, get out of your head and into the movement!

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