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The great teachers, guides, and mentors have a proven system, focus on individuality, while making drumming FUN like it was meant to be.
This is when you’ll discover your inner power, where concepts and systems become HABITS that grow stronger with each passing year.

But beware of the bad ones …

They’ll strip you of your confidence, while making you feel small for how little you know.

The mark of a true guide is that they EMPOWER. I’ve had some of my mentors since I was a teenager, but I’m not dependent on them. What they’ve taught me I now have for life, and it gets stronger every day.
Once you know the LTR METHOD you’ll be self reliant, not needing me to hold your hand, or anyone else. We’re open to learn while staying fiercely independent, relying on no one to tell us who we are at our core. We go though the LTR METHOD so we don’t need it later. It’s not a crutch, but our guide to point the way.

No one evolves into their best selves as an island of one. No one does it alone. We rely on the crowdsourced wisdom of those we surround ourselves with, while knowing drumming is an inner journey where our values guide us. Once you’re strong on the path, the real answers come from within. When we’re silent and leave space, we hear them.
Use the LTR METHOD guiding values and your own to face the challenges ahead.

Here are the BIG 5 values for the LTR METHOD:

-Relentless Never Ending Improvement
-Bold Creative Self Expression
-Fierce Confidence To Embrace Challenges
-Excellence for Longevity
-Serving and Contribution

A true guide empowers you to discover your best self through drumming. Not everyone finds this right away, and it may take some searching. The best way to tell, is to ask this question:

How do you feel AFTER the session is done?

Do you feel like you’re walking on a cloud, like you can take on the world, and you can’t wait top get to your kit and play? Or do you feel small, deflated, and dis-couraged?

Listen to my student Barry’s heartwarming story where he took a stand to NOT listen to his first drum teacher that told him to quit. He rose up to find a better guide and a community that uplifted him.

Are you ready to rise to your 2.0 in drumming and life? Chris Lesso’s LTR DRUMMING METHOD is for drummers who want to reach higher. If you’re ready to unleash your best self through drumming, book your FREE vision session here at ⁠⁠DRUMMING