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What’s the mighty WHY that fuels you, that fire in your belly driving you forward?

Can you see that vision of yourself living out your goals with rockstar confidence?

Your dream may be to have a daily jam in your basement, or rock out for thousands on lit stages around the world. This is YOUR journey, but can you see it clearly? In the LTR DRUMMING METHOD, we call this starting point your ethos. It’s what sets you apart from the masses, when your special voice is finally expressed. If you don’t believe in you, then who will?

Trying to drum without having these four steps down solid is to play on shaky ground. A house divided cannot stand. To step into our potential and do it in record time, we need a trusted SYSTEM to live the vision. When all four elements work in harmony, you learn 10X faster.

Next we’ll get you flowing around the kit … see you then!