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PRACTICE your drumming DAILY (featuring deadmau5 drum cover)

By May 31st, 2022No Comments2 min read


*This is an excerpt from ‘LTR METHOD: Unleashing Your Best Self Through The Power Of Drumming’. Get it now to elevate your drumming and life at

Small actions done over and over again with your best effort will add up to massive results! The 3MR (the 3 minute rule) uses the power of compounding by locking in an action so many times it goes beyond a habit and becomes a part of your DNA. Over time it solidifies into a lifestyle of who you are, and who you grow into. Especially if you’re in your first year, this will lay the foundation to improve in tiny evolutions over time that you will hardly notice, instead of the giant revolutions that so many people expect and buy into. The powerful idea here is even if you only get to your craft briefly in the day (even 3 minutes) these little bits will add up, and then you are tapping into the massive wave of the compound effect. This consistency leads to freedom of expression on the drums! Lowering your expectations to a ridiculously small amount of time like 3 minutes takes the wind out of any excuse the resistance your brain will try to give you to get out of practicing and stay where it’s safe and comfortable. Your brain will always fight you when you are trying to cause any change, and having a goal as small as 3 minutes is a way to ‘fool’ your brain to get around the resistance. What’s 3 minutes? Everyone can find this time! Lower your expectations, and JUST DO IT. One you’ve done the same action enough times, this forges the habit of ACTION into your life, and this becomes your new normal.

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