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Victory First: CELEBRATE THE WINS In Drumming and Life

By May 31st, 2022No Comments2 min read


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We forget to celebrate the little wins, the small milestones! Give yourself this gift. This translates to life in just being able to celebrate a simple cup of perfect coffee, watching nature’s art in the clouds misting through the sky, or seeing the radiance of colour in a flower. Stop and celebrate the little wins! There are many if you look. Where focus goes energy flows, and what you concentrate on WILL get better over time, incrementally page by page. Take a breath to notice this, and congratulate yourself! Tell yourself something great like ‘I rock’, or ‘great job’. Getting in the habit of celebrating the small wins primes you for more energy, to have more fun in the process (which is the FUEL), and to notice and acknowledge that you ARE making improvement. These incremental baby steps forward toward building your best self are easy to miss, and start getting into the ’shoulds’: I should be better, I should have got that by now. This is not the way forward to growing long term. Anyone that has been in the room with me studying the art of drumming knows there’s a lot of celebrating! Fist bumps, high fives, saying ‘YES!’, laughing, making your ‘Super Bowl’ pose moves, dancing and jumping around. Give yourself this gift!

The wins are happening for you, but your mind must be trained to SEE them, and then to revel in the awesomeness of it! Drums are an incredible instrument to play, so when the wins happen they feel really good, and you deserve to enjoy them. Celebrating the wins is the counterweight to ’embracing the suck’. Drums are supposed to be FUN, and celebrating the wins is what is on the other side of the grit needed to go through the slow grinding hard work of learning the craft. Give yourself this gift! Having FUN is the bedrock and fuel that will carry us forward LONG TERM. I want you to be drumming when you’re 110 years young, and to realize your own personal greatness through drumming everyday.

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