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‘This just isn’t the right time.’

I hear this so much, and I get it; ‘Life gets in the way’ of our drumming dreams. We all have legitimate fires to put out that drain us physically and emotionally. I’ve heard every good excuse NOT to drum, from 14 yr olds, to 40 yr olds, and to 70 yr olds and beyond. Life never lets up, and there is NEVER a good time to drum.

Here’s only a small sample of some recent responses I’ve got:

‘No Chris I’m seventy years old I think the rock star days are gone.’

‘Thanks for your email Chris. 🙂 Currently buried in a business startup right now…so don’t have time to dedicate to practicing.’

‘Yes I am, I just had a lot of things that came up including family stuff so I had to just pull back.’

These are all legitimate reasons. But they all lead to the same place: failure to change. And embracing change is how we transform through drumming.

Now’s not the right time for you?

That’s exactly why you should start.

All your favourite drummers knew this one secret: They invested heavily in their training, accountability, and community. Start your journey here:

Here’s the hard truth:

There’s never a right time. You MAKE it the right time.

We don’t go over, under, or around. THROUGH is the only way forward.

But how?

1) JUST START! ‘Rush to beta, then polish to perfection.’ Embracing the fact that things will be messy at the beginning is a must.

2) Invest in mentors and COMMUNITY to keep you ACCOUNTABLE. You can do this, and there are always solutions if you tap into the crowdsourced wisdom around you.

3) Get the right TRAINING to know how to stack up your 1% wins daily to gather serious momentum.

The only thing separating you from your next level of excellence, is using a proven SYSTEM that works.

Cut through the noise and simplify.

But no one does it alone!

So many drummers in the LTR DRUMMING community have had this happen to them, and they are happy they went ahead and didn’t let it stop them. We that succeed are decisive, resourceful, and committed.

Is that you?

If so, join the movement and let’s meet: